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Orangebox Florida Storage

Summer Storage for Colleges in the Tampa Area!

Now taking orders for 2019

 After serving UT for the past 6 years, we have come up with the perfect box for college students. Our simple storage allows you to buy our boxes and you choose your service:

A.) We do it all! We’ll come to your dorm room & pick up your filled boxes or

B.) DIY – You fill our box and bring to our truck

Dollies Provided. *OrangeBox will not assume any liability for damage due to students transporting their own boxes.*

Choose your service 

1.) Door to Door Service  

2 Custom Boxes – $359.00

3 Custom Boxes – $439.00

4 Custom Boxes – $499.00

Dormmate Special 4 Boxes – $599.00

(Must live in same dorm – coming and going)


2.) Save Money with Do IT Yourself Service: You buy our box, you fill our box, you bring us your filled box to our truck

2 Custom Boxes – $199.00 

3 Custom Boxes $295.00

That’s a lot of stuff! Box Size 24″x 24″x 36″ tall

– Add a Dorm Fridge or Bike for just $25 Each!

Questions? Please email [email protected]

5 Years at University of Tampa – 99.9% Satisfaction

We do the work for you!

Real Simple!
OrangeBox Florida college summer storage in Florida, provides an all inclusive storage service to college students living on or off campus. We offer an inexpensive and convenient way for students to store their belongings before heading home for the summer break.

Email [email protected]

WOW – I can’t thank you enough for all your excellent customer service. You should provide this service to every college in the nation! Believe me, all parents would appreciate it. Lynne – Parent – the University of Tampa, Fall 2012

Our business was designed to simplify the hassle and routine that come with the campus move-in and move-out process. Here’s a few reasons why our service is beneficial:

* No need to buy boxes, tape boxes, fumble or stumble with boxes….
Our storage-boxes are huge & built-tough, but lightweight. Our exclusive design is time tested and perfect to store all that extra stuff.

* All OrangeBoxes are stored in climate controlled comfort

* No need to rent a truck….OrangeBox picks up your storage and returns it at the end of summer break to the new dorm location.

* No need to rent a storage space….Storage from the time your school lets out through school starts in the Fall.

* No need for parents, family, or friends to drive hundreds or thousands of miles to help pack a dorm room. How much will it cost to fly down, pick up, pack and store that stuff yourself?

* Hey, it’s hot in Florida in May and August, you really want to be schleppin dorm stuff? Fighting for parking and elevators? Let us do the dirty work for you.

* Students – Pack your stuff and catch your plane. When you come back, we’ll have your stored stuff there when and where you need it.

* All Boxes are labeled and student’s personal data is confirmed 3 different times to insure safety and quality control.


Average Breakdown of Savings:

Flight to Florida $300.00
Local Storage Unit 3/months $150.00
Transportation Airport Parking $75.00
Car Rental $100.00
Hotel $99.00
Meals $125.00
Gas $60.00

$909.00 do it yourself vs. $359.00 we do it for you!

If you are going to come to Florida for the weekend, you should spend your money enjoying our beaches!