Why Choose OrangeBox

OrangeBox Florida provides storage service to college students during the summer break period. We offer all inclusive storage that is appealing and cost beneficial to students and their parents. The parents we have spoken with have stated that driving to their students school is the biggest headache. Now with airlines charging $25-$50 for extra bags one-way – so round-trip bags to and from can get pricey and lugging them to the airport, in the car, home for the summer and back to school makes no sense.

Our service is $359.00 2 Custom Boxes, $439.00 3 custom boxes or $499.00 4 custom boxes, inclusive, picked up and re-delivered: convenient and easy!

Here is why our service has attracted thousands of parents and students:

1.      We provide and deliver lightweight, strong, double-wall, corrugated storage containers. These have been proven to keep out environmental factors and best protect student’s belongings. They will hold microwaves, lamps, books, bedding, clothing, etc.

These double walled boxes are 24″ x 24″ x 36″  

2.       With our curbside service the student’s belongings are picked-up near their dorm and stored nearby at our climate controlled facility. This helps reduce congestion on campus during move-out dates.

3.       Before students return to school, they email us with their new dorm location and we deliver their belongings to them.

4.       Insurance up to $100 is included. Please see #6 on FAQ page

5.       This service is cost-effective for students and parents, when compared to renting a storage space, shipping containers, or traveling to assist students with their move-out/move-in process. The last thing your student needs is one more thing to think about around finals time. Let us take care of that burden.

OrangeBox Florida’s all-inclusive service eliminates the hassles which come with moving out and back into campus dorms. We guarantee that property given to us for safe keeping will be stored and returned in the same condition in which we received it.

We follow proven guidelines of quality management and our staff has over thirty years of combined experience in storage solutions. We have a qualified, professional workforce, efficient in securing and transporting storage from site to our facility. Our storage facilities are modern and insured. The vehicles we use to move storage are newer models carrying maximum insurance coverage when transporting.

Call or email today – a real live person will probably answer (or leave a quick message and we’ll get back to you right away)! – 813 530 6921
Questions? [email protected]